aka Alice makes ketchup!  aka Alice’s desperate need for Whole 30 fry sauce.

Annnd here’s the recipe!

It is super hard to find Whole 30 compliant ketchup in stores, so I’ve been ordering it from Tessamae’s.  Our ketchup is almost used up and it takes about a week to  get it in the mail, so I decided to try to make my own while we’re waiting.  Annnnd it actually turned out pretty good.  Definitely not as sweet as regular ketchup, and thicker consistency-wise, but still pretty good.  Also this recipe was super easy, the only prep I had to do was cut up some dates.  Dates are also on the not photogenic list.

R wanted swoodles for breakfast this morning, so we baked some up and enjoyed them with fried eggs.  It was R’s first time using the new spiralizer!  And he is still better at spiralizing than me.

Just look at some of those perfect ringlets.  He was even able to spiralize the carrots, which I have not been successful at.  For this incarnation of swoodles, we used the heirloom colorful carrots from Trader Joe’s that are pretty, which is an important aspect of taste.  Tasty for my eyes!

So today we ate Sweet Potato Noodles and Eggs for brunch and S helped me make chicken nuggets for dinner!

Yum-O guys.  This time with the chicken nuggets I dredged it in coconut flour instead of almond flour, which I liked more.

Whew, end of day 2, and day 3 is going to be a big ole leftover day.  Time to go to bed, good night internet!



Why are you yelling already??

Today was a successful first day!  It was a busy/somewhat stressful day at work, and someone had very sweetly baked a chocolate cake.  I really wanted to eat my feelings and just dive into said cake while I was alone in the break room.  BUT I DIDN’T!  Because yay being mindful of what I’m eating also, chocolate cake?  Not worth it.


Mmmm my lunch looks so great compared to that cake!  I told myself while sullenly chomping on carrots and “hummus.”

Seriously though.  Not worth it in the slightest.

R made beef stew in the crockpot for meee.  Which was the greatest thing to come home to.  As we speak I am in bed, with my heating pad and my bowl of beef stew.


ok, sorry this is short, my brain is too tired for food witticisms.  Tomorrow I think we’re making swoodles and chicken nuggets.

Get ready Rory

Hey internet!  I am back from Idaho, back from working several days in a row and ready to Whole 30!  Tomorrow is the big day.  Day 1.  So today I did a loop of different grocery stores to stock up and start prep for R and my second crack at Whole 30.  Two things I was excited to find: Primal Kitchen Mayo and Whole 30/Paleo friendly bacon at Whole Foods!  Also, nut pods, the Whole 30 approved creamer for coffee.


Alllll the goodies.  I’m kinda nervous about this go round, maybe just because worrying is sort of my “thing,” but also because I don’t want to fail.  The hardest part about Whole 30 is the inconvenience.  You can’t find all the food in the same store, you can’t eat out as easily, every meal must be planned.  So please join me on this journey!  And bear with me.

R and I have the rest of the weeks meals planned out, or planned out as best we can.  Tomorrow I have to work, so I made my easy chicken salad for lunch, and have cauliflower hummus and carrots for a snack.  I’ll probably do eggs and sweet potato for breakfast to fill me up, and then I have a Lara bar as second breakfast, and I’ll pack some other Whole 30 approved snacks to keep me friendly and from craving.  Whole 30 discourages snacking, but it is hard to have a long commute, long hours at work, and plenty of candies/treats at my fingertips.  SO almonds and Lara bars it is!

Hummus is not very photogenic.  It tastes pretty good though, a perfectly acceptable replacement for the real deal.  It really tastes like cauliflower though.  Many Whole 30 recipes use cauliflower as a replacement, like as the mac in mac and cheese or as mashed potatoes or rice but to me it always ends up just tasting like cauliflower.  But out of the replacement foods, I think I may like the hummus the best.  We’re going to try the mashed fauxtatoes this week though, so we’ll see who will come out on top in the pantheon of cauliflower foods.


I will try to write an entry for each day of Whole 30 so anyone out there doing it can get recipe ideas or inspiration to do Whole 30 🙂

So tomorrow.


good morning puppies

Annnnd of course my favorite way to wake up any Saturday morning, whiny puppies.  I can’t really blame them completely, I also fell asleep last night at 7.  I got off work early, and after driving the two hours in traffic to get home, I had leftover bbq and immediately went to sleep.  When R came home, it startled me awake from a deep sleep haha.

So the best way to do this blog is to start to tell more people about it, and write less in it, right?

I’m trying to think back on what I cooked this week.  I made more swoodles! And chicken nuggets and broccoli.  Which totally got eaten up!  And R made soup which turned out to be amazing, and also gone now.


And Thursday morning, R and I made delicious eggie sammies!  Totally whole 30, I can’t wait to make them again.

The recipe I used calls for homemade sausage, which I did not have on hand.  But you know what I did have? Prosciutto. Perfect, salty, fancy bacon.  So we did eggs, prosciutto, and guacamole.  I also did cheese because I’m not ready to quit it yet, but it tastes pretty great without too.  The egg patties take a little time, and I only have two biscuit cutters, so I don’t think this will be breakfast every day on Whole 30, but probably when I’m really craving and breakfast sandwich biscuit.  And I kinda wanted to show in the pictures some mistakes I make because I’m still learning how to cook.  It’s become a hobby, but I’m by no means an expert.  So when I spiralize things, they sometimes fall off the crank or my eggs are not perfectly shaped patties.  I’m not on Top Chef and they still taste good.  Is what I need to tell myself haha.

Thursday was my day off from work, and I was planning to do pork shoulder in the slow cooker and homemade coleslaw because I love pulled pork and coleslaw.  But Wednesday night after two hard days at work I was like the last thing I want to do is wake up early on my day off and prep meat.  So I looked for the best rated BBQ in my area, and decided to just make coleslaw and get some already cooked meat when I was in town.  Possibly my best idea because I got my haircut and picked up the bbq, and like 10 minutes after I got home, the power went out.  For 3 hours.  My slow cooked pork would’ve taken even longer to cook, and we would’ve been waiting hungrily, start to pick non-cooked pieces out in desperation for sustenance.  So it’s ok to take a break guys!  The power kicked back on right before dinner, I made the coleslaw, warmed up the meat and macaroni and cheese (always with the cheese…) and it worked out just fine.  I highly recommend Blue Rock BBQ to anyone in the area.  Their brisket especially was on POINT.

I’m going to be on vacation for the next week, so I probably won’t be posting a bunch of cooking photos.  But when we get back, it’s time for a Whole 30 reboot, so get ready for Whole 30 overload.  🙂

If all the raindrops were

candy bars and milkshakes oh what a rain that would be.  Barney anyone?  Just me?  Just me.

It has been raining so much lately!  Snowing elsewhere, but this is Cali, so rain.  And with that comes the want for soup.  And mudslides.  Not the good kind with Kahlua.

I made my favorite carrot soup recipe last night with cracklin’ chicken and kale.  Have you noticed I’ve been eating a lot of kale lately?  Me too.  Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of said meal because we had company and also I was being a grumpy brat to R so the camera stayed out of the kitchen.  The soup was great though!  Also I got over being a brat and we played Jenga!  It was big Jenga, so much more drama and I was the one to knock over the tower.

As an impulse for dessert, we made apple crisp because that was what I had in terms of ingredients, and we had a little vanilla ice cream left in the freezer.  So now we’re more ready for Whole 30 coming up because there’s no more ice cream in the house.  Or there wasn’t, until I went to the store today and bought some cookie dough ice cream celebrating R’s promotion.  Celebratory ice cream is totally Whole 30.  It says so on the website, so look it up guys.

TONIGHT I’m going to make some chicken nuggets and swoodles and broccoli.  The biggest challenge with this eating is meal planning.  And meal prep.  And eating leftovers. But I think I made a pretty good plan for this week before we go on vacay.  Tomorrow for breakfast I’ll have leftover swoodles and eggs, chicken salad for second breakfast and the last hamburger for lunch with leftover kale and broccoli.  I’m going to ask R to make ham soup in the slow cooker so we can be done with all the damn Christmas ham.  More soup!  I’m going to ask him to make more soup because I am sure he will finish the carrot soup tomorrow.  And it’s still so wet and miserable outside, the only solution is more soup.

I’ve been throwing together this really simple chicken salad lately for lunch and breakfast.    I use leftover chicken, grapes, celery, almond slivers, and mayo, and wrap it up with some butter lettuce and it is SO TASTY.  Reminds me of my days of getting Ukrop’s chicken salad and croissants.  Minus the croissants because butter lettuce is really not a replacement for pastry.  It’s just something easy to throw together for lunch or a breakfast with protein.


This was my range of emotions at getting my biscuit cutters in the mail.  Now I can make egg patties and make this!  We are SO PREPARED to do a round of Whole 30.  I think I’m actually doing ok without eating bread, the main thing I’m going to miss is my dairy.  Cream and cheese man.  And I got tired of coconut milk being in every “creamy Whole 30” recipe.  Our first day of Whole 30 I made “mac and cheese” with cauliflower and a “cheese sauce” with coconut milk and squash.  Spoiler: it didn’t taste like mac and cheese.  Pinterest has a lot of recipes or ideas for Whole 30, but some of the people’s blogs I stumbled upon that were like I totally can fool the kids into eating this and they love it!  Are full of crap.  That’s why I love Nom Nom Paleo because her recipes are actually good and normal people would eat them.

Ok, time to prep my kitchen for the cooking that’s going down!  later internet!


I suck at eating leftovers.  I’ve already alluded to this in the entry about scalloped potatoes.  And…we still have ham.  Lots of ham.  I should really be looking for some recipes with ham.  Ham casserole.  Ham enchiladas.  Whole 30 Ham disappearance.

Instead I’m thinking about making swoodles again for dinner with chicken and kale or something.

I’ll pull the curtain back for you guys on what’s in our fridge leftover wise. Ham, Christmas bacalhau and bacalhau for pasteis, butternut squash apple soup, hamburgers, and thai noodles.  So what did I have for lunch?  Hamburger.  What should I have for dinner?  Probably some other leftover.

I don’t know what my issue is.  I’ll eat leftovers at work for lunch, sometimes I’ll make leftovers into other meals and it’s delicious.  But, as R will attest, most of the time I won’t eat any leftovers.  In Whole 30, they suggest making a breakfast casserole with eggs and veggies and reheating slices of it every morning for breakfast.  I knew that that would never work for me because I don’t like reheated eggs.  So I set my alarm earlier in the morning so I could get up and cook eggs fresh in the morning, and take my time to eat them.  That was my breakfast fix.  How can I find a good leftover fix?  tumblr_mwyfa9d9ex1sq540vo1_500

Some of the fix would probably be to get creative, or to make something that can easily be incorporated into other dishes.  Like I have made use of pesto for days in a row before….  I think tonight for dinner I’m just going to do something easy like finish the soup and cook up some chicken or something.  The fix is probably, Alice…be less picky.  But I’m not at that point yet!

I’ll let you guys know how this turns out 🙂

my mature palate

Was craving burgers and fries.  SO I MADE IT!  Mostly compliant!  Hahaha.

Here is the song I’ve been listening to on loop for the last couple days.  It has such a great 80s sax hook, I can’t get it out of my head.

Anyway, tonight I made burgers and sweet potato fries.  I used to not be a huge fan of sweet potato fries, or sweet potatoes for that matter.  But on Whole 30 they are literally the easiest thing and taste so great without tasting healthy…it’s kind of a win win. Here is a great recipe for easy/delish fries.  Tonight I just cut up some sweet potatoes, rolled them in a little olive oil and ate them UP with fry sauce.

What’s fry sauce?  Um only the most amazing condiment/best thing Utah has going for it.  Ok, it’s just ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together.

The burger I topped with tomato, avocado, grilled onions, and cheese, and wrapped in butter lettuce.  So cheese was, as it almost always is, my weakness.  I’m really going to miss cheese when we start Whole 30 again.  And drinking.

Look at all that fry sauce.

I also started soaking some almonds for another batch of milk for tomorrow!

For work I did a health assessment as part of their wellness incentive program and the questions about nutrition kinda cracked me up because of course I got dinged for not eating a lot of whole grains or legumes, and I’m like I put veggies and protein as my top foods and you’re worried because I’m not eating as much granola or bread?  Oh well.  It’s funny I thought eating Paleo was so dumb before we did Whole 30 and I really like it now.  I like having to be more creative and thinking more about what will be good to cook/eat.  I waste less veggies from the fridge because we gotta eat ’em!

We’re better prepared for Whole 30 this go round too because we have more Whole 30 compliant things in the house, like our mayo.  It makes such a big difference to not have to make that, and even though the website says homemade is the best, this store bought tastes awesome.  Here is me and bae-o having a sensuous moment.img_2079

I highly recommend Tessemae’s to anyone who is thinking about Paleo or Whole 30.  They have all sorts of dressings/condiments to liven up any meal.  We have their ketchup, mayo, and ranch.  Even though the ranch doesn’t really taste like ranch.  Bc I’m white trash and I know what ranch should taste like, and it’s not some hippie coconut bullshit.  …But their other stuff tastes great!  Seriously.  The mayo is a game changer.  Next Whole 30 we’re just going to eat burgers and fries for every meal.

We’re going to need a bigger bowl

Ok ok ok.  You can stop asking for it, I’ll tell you!  Here is the BEST recipe I make.

Is best too strong a superlative?  Judge for yourself!

Spicy Nutty Noodles

Ok, so I first got a very similar recipe to this one from my sister, which I promptly lost of course.  So this recipe was on Pinterest and I just use it for the peanut sauce.  If you want it to be Whole 30/Paleo you can use almond butter or sun butter and make your own sriracha and mix them together with rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic and ginger.

I was not compliant today becauseeee I haven’t been able to find Paleo fish sauce SLASH red jalepenos to make said homemade sriracha.  There are only so many things I can make from scratch Paleo enforcers!  And this peanut sauce is addictive.  I can’t say enough about the sauce.

SO when I made the recipe today, I made the sauce, spiralized some zoodles, chopped up cucumber, bell peppers, carrots, and snap peas, and cooked up some chicken in sesame oil and “soy sauce.”


I spiralized 6 zucchinis which looked like a lot, but it cooked down.  Which if you make this recipe, I promise you want as much as possible.  And it is good as leftovers, cold or warm.

There you go!

This recipe featured our NEW spiralizer that is much easier to use than the one I first bought.  Now I can make more zoodles and swoodles and not force R to do it for me.

Well, I should clean up and get ready for bed.  Good night internet.

Pesto in a Jar

Tastes like balls!  I made zoodles with the Trader Joe’s Pesto because I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to make my own.  MISTAKE.  It tastes terrible, I don’t know why it tasted so bad, but I will never make that mistake again.  I’ve made different versions of Pesto, it isn’t that hard and it keeps.  LESSON LEARNED.  Amiright? Here’s a whole30 recipe.  I just used pine nuts and did not heat them….  But here’s basically what you need.  Go make your own pesto!  Ok now I’m going to the store.

Milking an almond teat


Oh and Happy New Year!

I had to work all weekend, so R and I had our New Year celebration last night.  I made more Cracklin’ Chicken, kale, and butternut squash and apple soup.  R loves soup.  This was probably one of the first things I learned about him.  We both worked nights ,and he would always tell me that he had some soup from the cafeteria for his dinner.  At first this tripped me out because I was like what is with this guy and soup?  Is he trying to lose weight?  What’s the deal, nobody likes soup this much.  Cut to a couple months later, I went to Portugal with him (where he’s from) and they have soup with like EVERY meal.  Ohhhh.  Soup is their thing.  Who knew?  Now I make soup a lot because it’s actually pretty easy and I know it will always get a thumbs up from my honey.

And today I’m going to get an immersion blender with the stamps I earned from the grocery store.  BOOM.

Anyway, yesterday I went on my grocery shopping sojourn, which was a huge pain in my ass.  There are times when living in this area is the worst.  Shopping at Sprouts and Trader Joes the day after New Year’s when everyone is starting a new diet.  Great.  Crowded.  I bet this is how people feel at the gym after everyone has made the resolution to work out more, and you’ve been there all year keeping it tight and now your gym is super crowded for the month.  Health interlopers.  Haha this makes me sound like such a little snot.  I really don’t feel that way, I’ve been chatting up my diet at work and trying to encourage people to cook more.  It’s just sometimes this area has too many people, and I just wanted to buy some pre-cut butternut squash and Whole 30 bacon in peace.  I was successful in getting my bacon, but Trader Joe’s was way too packed for me to even consider getting my pre-cut veggies.  So I went to my regular grocery and bought a big ole butternut squash.

This was daunting.  I mean have you seen a butternut squash?  It could be a weapon, easily.    Maybe I should carry one in my purse for protection.  It’s hard to get a concealed carry license in this area though.  Huh.  So in the recipe for the soup, it even had a youtube tutorial on how to peel and cut a butternut squash because clearly this is a hangup for people.  Not just me.  The squash it heavy, and it definitely took some heft to cut through it, but if I can do it, I feel like anyone can.  Or seriously, just buy the pre-cut.  Wait in the damn line at Trader Joe’s.

Despite my squash struggle, the rest of the prep for the soup was simple and I used ghee instead of regular butter so that it was Whole 30/Paleo.  Still tasted great and the apple taste really came out, so the soup was a bit sweeter than I expected.

So last night’s dinner I can definitely put in the win column.  I also soaked some almonds over night to make milk this morning.

Who is this person I am becoming?  My main food when I was cooking for myself was grilled cheese.  Sometimes I’d get really fancy and use two different cheeses.  And now I’m MAKING ALMOND MILK?  I seriously don’t know what California as done to me, but I must say, it tastes pretty good.

When R and I did whole 30, it recommends making almost everything from scratch.  Make your own mayo, all your dressings, almond milk, etc.  I totally balked at the idea of my own almond milk.  It’s so much work!  Squeezing almonds into milk through cheese cloth?  No thanks!  Then I started looking at all the labels of almond milk in the store and so many have preservatives and sugar to make it last and taste good.  And the unsweet version literally tastes like water…so it does not help to put it in black coffee to make it dark brown coffee.  But when I was shopping at Sprouts the other day, I found a local brand of almond milk that is totally compliant, they even had chocolate almond milk that was compliant!  but it’s 5 bucks for a tiny bottle.  So I guess the question is, which is more important to me, time or money?  And in this case, I was thinking money.  I had found a easy-looking recipe on my new favorite site, Nom Nom Paleo, so I decided to take the plunge.

I bought a nut bag and a glass bottle to store all my almond milk, and I found a vanilla extract without corn syrup.  Yesterday I put the almonds in a pitcher of water, soaked them over night and this morning I put them in the blender and BOOM.  I squeezed the milk out of the almonds.  It tastes incredible.  R even liked it and he doesn’t really like almond milk.  And all in all I will say, it doesn’t take that much WORK.  It takes time because you have to soak the almonds, but otherwise, you just blend them and then squeeze ’em in your nut bag, and then you drink it.  It’s not nearly as hard as I thought, and this milk totally tastes better than store-bought.  I know to make more next time because this recipe really only makes half a bottle.

Now I’m off to the store to claim my blender and get some zucchinis for the Thai peanut zoodles I’m making tonight!