So. Over it.  Hahaha.  They say it takes twenty days for something to become a habit.  Maybe that’s true, also it takes twenty days to be so completely over it.  R and I are going to have some freaking Portuguese breakfast when we’re done.  You know what that means? MIXTA!  I think that’s how it’s spelled, I know how to say it.  It is a warm ham and cheese sandwich with butter on fresh Portuguese bread (pao).  The kinda bread that is only good for one day, and after that it’s hard as a rock.  So great bread.  And along with mixta is a portuguese latte.  Ahhh.  Thursday.

So what have we been eating?  Whole lotta leftovers.  The original name of Whole 30, but got workshopped out.  Who would sign up for this diet knowing you would have to eat what is everyone’s least favorite, leftovers?  Worse than vegetables themselves…LEFTOVER vegetables.

Anyway, this week, more chicken nuggets, some red curry chicken, beef stew, the last of the pulled pork, cashew hummus and carrots, and of course eggies.  And we maybe have had some “ice cream” aka coconut cream and frozen bananas and strawberries.  YUM.  Tonight I’m pretty sure I’m going to cook a burger and some fries because I am not in the mood for something complicated.  Just a couple more meals Alice!  Ugh.

Whole 30 you suck, we are almost done.


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