Day 20

Only 10 more days!  Ten more.  I think chicken nuggets might be the food that’s getting me through right now.  We make a big old batch, and they taste awesome as leftovers for lunch or breakfast, or easy dinner when I get home from work.  Winner winner, chicken dinner.  Today is meal-planning day, and I am almost positive they will end up on our list for this week.  What else should end up on the list?  Not thai zoodles, not this week haha. They taste great still, but I’m tired of making them.

This morning R got up before me and started some slow cooker beef stew and the coffee.  He is the best boyfriend in ze world.  I would have quit long ago if not for him.

So right now in the fridge we have: pulled pork, various veggies, some fruit, and prosciutto and bacon.  For lunch we made pork lettuce wraps, which totally hit the spot.  And tonight we will have some beef stew, and then will have leftovers tomorrow.  But the rest of the week…?

Maybe we will make some curry this week.  The last couple days we’ve just been rocking out leftovers, which has been great.  We just need to make it ten more days.


I’m going to go ruminate on some recipes…


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