Day Sixteen!

Aka I make cashew hummus and eat all of it before I can share with anyone.

Holy Cow Cashew Hummus

Just kidding, I shared it!  I made a double batch for me/R and S.  Two mason jars full for S haha.

And S came over tonight for Bachelor, of course.  She helped me make the Thai Nutty Zoodles and helped me dare I say PERFECT the nut sauce!  Instead of sriracha this time, I put in a thai chile pepper and a couple drops of fish sauce.  It was SO GOOD.  Like S and I fighting over licking the spoon, good.  And I spiralized 15 zucchini, so um we got leftovers for days.  Or day.  Because this recipe is so awesome.

The best news is, the kitchen is mostly clean, our lunches are packed for work tomorrow, and R is going to cook me some chicken nuggets 🙂  Life is good.

LOL!!! :)



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