We have now made it further than ever before!

And two weeks in, I must say…I miss drinking.  Yesterday R and I avoided Super Bowl partying so that we wouldn’t be tempted by all the beer and delicious dips that go along with football parties.  We did not however, avoid the WINGS that go along with football partying.  I used Tessamae’s Buffalo sauce and Valentina Hot Sauce because YEAH the buffalo sauce was not as spicy as it should be.  The wings were pretty good, and then S came over and cooked some delicious green curry!  Because her jam on this diet has been curries, slash I think she always likes curries.  I can’t wait until we can all go chow down on some Indian food and have Naan, only 16 more days!

Here’s what my spaghetti squash and meat sauce looked like!

Green curry S made!

Tonight I am making tacos!  It’s Taco Monday!  I made a huge grocery trip and I think I have everything needed for the week (god I hope so).  I stocked up on fruits and nuts for snacks and got tons of veggies!  I’m making Thai Nutty Zoodles again this week and I wanted to have enough zucchini so I got like 10 I think.

The past couple days I have thought about cravings and wanting to quit.  But I think we are over the hump.  I have food and snacks for the rest of the week, and treats even though treats are supposed to be off limits.  And by treats I mean, I froze some bananas to make “ice cream” sometime this week.  I know!  I know Whole 30 police, that is explicitly “against the spirit of Whole 30” or what THEY like to call “sex with your pants on.”  However, I think blending some bananas and coconut milk is not the worst thing I could eat.  It will just be a little treat and won’t trigger a sugar binge.

I’m not sure how R and I will eat when we’re done with Whole 30.  Overall,  I feel better, but it is more expensive and time-consuming to eat this way.  Nutritionists would tell me to think of it as an investment in my future and less expensive and time-consuming than health problems caused by poor-eating habits and my resistance to going to the gym.  We’ll just have to work out what is best!

R is going to make slow cooker pulled pork tomorrow!  I think it’s been my favorite recipe this Whole 30.  Goodnight internet


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