Sorry for the lost days guys.  Work and life got in the way of blogging.  No worries, I haven’t tried any new recipes until…today!

I just got home from work, cut open a spaghetti squash and put it in the microwave.  I browned some ground beef in a saucepan in bacon grease, and put in a jar of spaghetti sauce from Trader Joe’s.  This is going to be my dinner, and it smells pretty good, I hope it ends up that way!  Even if it doesn’t, I’m tired and hungry so it will do.

So we are coming up on the days that R and I quit Whole 30 the first time, and I am starting to get a little burnout.  Not really from the food because when I eat it, it’s great, I don’t feel like I’m missing out.  But like at work, if I don’t have plenty of food I feel crabby that I can’t get a snack from the cafeteria.  Eating out Whole 30/Paleo is hard.  Despite all the work behind it, I truly feel better.  I’m not eating tums like candy and I have more energy, slash more…clarity?  I don’t know if that really makes sense.

Squash tasted alright!  I don’t know why I make all this “pasta” when I don’t even really like pasta.  Or I love pasta, but it’s all the cheese-filled pastas.

Anyway, still Whole 30-ing.  And I promise I will blog more next week!


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