Or Alice wants a freaking drink.

Took my car in today, and waited…for hours.  I knew I would have to wait, so I brought lunch and snacks and a book and my headphones and I walked to a nearby park and I did all the patient people things.  But it still sucked and kinda pissed me off.  So when I got home, I really wanted to pop open a bottle of wine or crack a beer.  But I didn’t.  Instead I had some warm apple cider, and proceeded to veg out on the boob tube.  Which I guess is what healthier people than me might do.  While being adult definitely has it perks, and you know, I’m thankful I have a car, sometimes it’s just not fun.  Drinking and eating my feelings are two of my coping mechanisms, and neither are Whole 30, so.


Eggs, Bacon, sweet potato


leftover thai nutty zoodles, that still tasted great, esp cold.  Apple and some plantain chips


Pulled pork hot from the slow cooker, coleslaw S made, sweet potato fries

S came over for our Bachelor night, which helped with coping.  It really is so helpful that she and R are doing Whole 30 with me.  I was like I want pink wine for girls night, and S was like no you don’t, we’re Whole 30 robots.

Robot GIF - Robot Dance RobotDance GIFs

This is who I am now.  Good night internet.


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