One week.  DONE!  We made it!  It wasn’t as hard as the first time!  Whew.  And now for 23 more days…


I don’t know why Napoleon Dynamite is becoming the mascot of my blog, buuuut he is.  It’s too late.

So yesterday, R and I went to In and Out Burger and had our lunch “protein style” so no bun.  And we brought our own condiments.

That was my first time at In and Out NOT getting a double double animal style, so I wasn’t even sure how to order.  Can I have a double double but no cheese protein style, and no sauce?  Still tasted good and was definitely improved by some of S’ homemade mayo.  And of course we made fry sauce.

Then for dinner R cooked pork chops, little potatoes, green beans and carrots.  It was all good, except we…completely forgot the carrots were in the oven so we burned them to a crisp.  We were like why does it still smell sweet, but burnt?  hahaha.

Oh here’s what my egg pancake looked like the other day.


Today wasn’t a great day for eating.  We had eggs and bacon for breakfast and then R took leftovers to work, and I went to the dentist.  My mouth hurt and was numb afterwards, so I didn’t really eat lunch, I just kinda gummed a banana and ran some errands.

When I got home I started prepping for Thai Nutty Zoodles that I made before, but this time totally Whole 30.  I spiralized the zucchini, then laid it out with paper towels, trying to sop up some of the moisture so the zoodles wouldn’t end up so mushy and watery. Then I got to work making some homemade Sriracha.  The recipe calls for red jalepenos, but they were more expensive at the store so I just got a bunch of green.  Since I was cutting peppers with gloves and trying not to get any juice anywhere…I didn’t take any pictures of the process.  In addition to not wanting to touch anything, making green sriracha looks gross.  It’s not the nice brilliant red, it’s a gross kinda greenish brown bc I mixed the peppers with tomato paste.  Here’s where I got the recipe.  Nom nom of course.  This is my fan blog for her haha.  Anyway, I made the sriracha, and then I got to work making the nut sauce for my zoodles.  The changes I made to my recipe were almond butter instead of peanut butter, Whole 30 friendly soy sauce, dates instead of honey, and homemade non-appetizing-looking sriracha.  And yum!  Not quite the kick it usually has, but still good.

Oh and this time for more protein in it, I got a rotisserie chicken from Sprouts that was unseasoned, so Whole 30!  Tore that apart and threw it in my noodles, way more simple.  I will say with Whole 30, if there are any possible short cuts, take them.  It gets old having to cook every single protein or make every single sauce.  That’s why I’ve been going to Whole Foods/Trader Joes/Sprouts because they have the goods so I don’t have to make every thing.  Also they have bacon that’s Whole 30 which is really important to me.  The checkout lady at Sprouts noticed I was buying two packs of bacon and she was like Oh you like your bacon girl, just like my daughter.  And while this isn’t untrue, I’m also doing two recipes this week where I need a whole pack so…yeah I guess I can be bacon girl.  Coming up this week, pulled pork and more swoodles!  So, there ya go.

I also bought a spaghetti squash yesterday so we’re going to try that this week and be super trendy.  Because who hasn’t eaten that on a diet?

Good night and good luck internet.


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