Day Six

What happened to day five Alice?  Where’s day five???

WELL.  Here’s what I ate yesterday.


I saved some sweet potato fries and warmed them back up in a little pan and then cracked two eggs on them, making a kinda pancake/frittata.  Then I fried up some prosciutto, put it on top of said pancake with guacamole and salsa and ate the shit out of it.  It was super hearty and tasty.  I didn’t really intend for it to end up being a savory pancake, but that’s pretty much the closest thing I can liken it to.  Tasty 🙂


leftover turkey burger with all the fixings and snap peas and an apple

THEN by some sort of miracle, I got off work early!  So I went to my book club at a reasonable time!  And book club ladies had cooked a delicious Whole 30 dinner!  All the exclamation points!

R’s sister, S is doing Whole 30 along with us, which is great because well it’s easier eating with people doing the same diet and she is a great cook so I can eat someone else’s cooking besides mine!  That was seriously the greatest thing about book club was we had this delicious dinner and I didn’t have to plan, cook, shop, clean, anything!  Just eat!


Curry Chicken, I will have to get the recipe.  I think it was curry paste, coconut milk, almond butter, annnnd I’m sure some other stuff, but it was awesome, we were all secretly trying to lick the sauce off the plate.

Green Beans and Eggplant in a pickled garlic sauce?  S went shopping at an Indian grocery and got all these interesting jars of different cooking pastes/sauces that were all Whole 30.  The jar just said Garlic Pickle, but it was like a spicy chile garlic sauce.  Yum.

And then we had fried plantain with cinnamon for dessert!  Which tasted kinda like cinnamon bread.

So that’s what happened Day 5.

Today! I fried up some bacon and a pepper/onion omelette from the leftover veggies from burger night.  The best thing about where we live is our neighbors chickens because we get hella eggs from them.  I think if I was doing Whole 30 and had to buy eggs from the store I would be getting like 4 dozen a week.

The not best thing about our neighbors chickens is Fluffy the rooster because despite being cute and fluffy, he’s a rooster.  But I guess I should cut him some slack because now it’s his year.  Happy year of the rooster!  Plz stop crowing so early in the morning.

Now R and I are going to go for a drive and spend some qt, so have a great Sunday internet!


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