I made turkey burgers!  This afternoon, I was super craving summer food.  Soups and stews are maybe getting a little old for me, along with the “cold” weather.  So I made turkey burgers with sweet potato fries (again with the sweet potato fries, when will I get sick of them?) and bell peppers.

I used the non-orange flesh sweet potatoes this go round and they were great!  Less sugary sweet and more fry-like.  How many pictures should I post of me eating fries.  Am I terrible at Whole 30?  Haha oh well, I’m trying.

For turkey burgers I usually use this recipe.  But since it isn’t Whole 30, I just diced some onions, added a little lime juice, some of my ketchup and a tablespoon of coconut flour to try to bind it together.  This turned out ok, but I cooked it a little bit too long so it still dried out a bit.  The hardest thing about cooking turkey burgers is getting them to be moist enough but also stay together.  These stayed together well enough and fit the bill for my summer tastebuds.

Messier than a bun, but still tasty!  It’s funny when I’m at home, I’m really not having a hard time eating like this.  Of course when I’m at the store, smelling all the different treats, it’s harder to be like I don’t need bread.  I would say my top craving is cheese though.  It was part of why I decided to make a turkey burger instead of a regular because it doesn’t taste as great with cheese.

The bell peppers I just sautéed with olive oil, salt and garlic pepper and they tasted amazing.  I think they will go into my breakfast wrap tomorrow.

Now I must go to sleep.



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