sorry.  Sorry!  It’s really hard for me to want to do anything after work.  Meet up with friends?  Pass.  Cook dinner?  Pass.  Write a blog entry? Pass.  Drive thru Taco Bell?  Hell yes.

Except now we’re doing Whole 30, so no TB.

Yesterday was totally leftover day. I had swoodles and eggs for breakfast, almonds and grapes for second breakfast, bomb-ass chicken nuggets and broccoli for lunch, and beef stew for dinner.  I had thought that I would try to make cauliflower “fauxtatoes” after work to go with the beef stew, but I didn’t want to stand any more or make any kind of mess in the kitchen.  So I ate my beef stew and fell asleep on the couch watching TV until R got home.  Classic.

Today I’m going back to the store, which I feel like I do every day I’m off.  But since we haven’t gone out to eat at all, I guess that makes sense that we’re eating all the food we have!

This morning I made breakfast sammies again with prosciutto and guac.  They tasted great! and were much faster making them this time.  R and I were still hungry though, lazing around watching Stranger Things, so we reheated the last of the swoodles in the microwave and BOOM they still taste awesome reheated.

R took beef stew to work for lunch, and that is likely what I will have as well.  For dinner…?  I’m not sure yet.  On our VERY OFFICIAL CANNOT BE BROKEN food schedule for the week I wrote zoodles and pesto.  But today I’m not sure I really want the zoodles.  Honestly, I really want burgers and fries and to eat more of my ketchup.  And I could use leftover fries for the breakfast burrito I’m dreaming of making before work tomorrow.  And by burrito I just mean, I was going to make like an egg wrap and put some delicious meat, fries, guac and salsa in it.  YES?  I think so.  Zoodles can wait.  Until R is here bc he is the spiral master, and I am an amateur spiral-er.  Can one person totally overload on sweet potatoes?  Since I’ve been eating them almost every day since we tried Whole 30 the first time, I’m here to tell you…no.  I’m still super digging anything we have with sweet potatoes.

Speaking of sweet potatoes, Nom Nom Paleo has this dip that she has been loving on that I want to try, but currently am not feeling the motivation to make.  I do love to cook, and it’s been fine so far just having leftovers and not going out to eat.  But this is one of those things where right now, I wish I could just buy it in the store and not soak cashews and roast sweet potatoes to make it.  So maybe next week delicious sweet potato cashew dip!  I already made a dip this week and I’m set!

Off to the store I goooooo.



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