aka Alice makes ketchup!  aka Alice’s desperate need for Whole 30 fry sauce.

Annnd here’s the recipe!

It is super hard to find Whole 30 compliant ketchup in stores, so I’ve been ordering it from Tessamae’s.  Our ketchup is almost used up and it takes about a week to  get it in the mail, so I decided to try to make my own while we’re waiting.  Annnnd it actually turned out pretty good.  Definitely not as sweet as regular ketchup, and thicker consistency-wise, but still pretty good.  Also this recipe was super easy, the only prep I had to do was cut up some dates.  Dates are also on the not photogenic list.

R wanted swoodles for breakfast this morning, so we baked some up and enjoyed them with fried eggs.  It was R’s first time using the new spiralizer!  And he is still better at spiralizing than me.

Just look at some of those perfect ringlets.  He was even able to spiralize the carrots, which I have not been successful at.  For this incarnation of swoodles, we used the heirloom colorful carrots from Trader Joe’s that are pretty, which is an important aspect of taste.  Tasty for my eyes!

So today we ate Sweet Potato Noodles and Eggs for brunch and S helped me make chicken nuggets for dinner!

Yum-O guys.  This time with the chicken nuggets I dredged it in coconut flour instead of almond flour, which I liked more.

Whew, end of day 2, and day 3 is going to be a big ole leftover day.  Time to go to bed, good night internet!


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