Why are you yelling already??

Today was a successful first day!  It was a busy/somewhat stressful day at work, and someone had very sweetly baked a chocolate cake.  I really wanted to eat my feelings and just dive into said cake while I was alone in the break room.  BUT I DIDN’T!  Because yay being mindful of what I’m eating also, chocolate cake?  Not worth it.


Mmmm my lunch looks so great compared to that cake!  I told myself while sullenly chomping on carrots and “hummus.”

Seriously though.  Not worth it in the slightest.

R made beef stew in the crockpot for meee.  Which was the greatest thing to come home to.  As we speak I am in bed, with my heating pad and my bowl of beef stew.


ok, sorry this is short, my brain is too tired for food witticisms.  Tomorrow I think we’re making swoodles and chicken nuggets.


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