If all the raindrops were

candy bars and milkshakes oh what a rain that would be.  Barney anyone?  Just me?  Just me.

It has been raining so much lately!  Snowing elsewhere, but this is Cali, so rain.  And with that comes the want for soup.  And mudslides.  Not the good kind with Kahlua.

I made my favorite carrot soup recipe last night with cracklin’ chicken and kale.  Have you noticed I’ve been eating a lot of kale lately?  Me too.  Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of said meal because we had company and also I was being a grumpy brat to R so the camera stayed out of the kitchen.  The soup was great though!  Also I got over being a brat and we played Jenga!  It was big Jenga, so much more drama and I was the one to knock over the tower.

As an impulse for dessert, we made apple crisp because that was what I had in terms of ingredients, and we had a little vanilla ice cream left in the freezer.  So now we’re more ready for Whole 30 coming up because there’s no more ice cream in the house.  Or there wasn’t, until I went to the store today and bought some cookie dough ice cream celebrating R’s promotion.  Celebratory ice cream is totally Whole 30.  It says so on the website, so look it up guys.

TONIGHT I’m going to make some chicken nuggets and swoodles and broccoli.  The biggest challenge with this eating is meal planning.  And meal prep.  And eating leftovers. But I think I made a pretty good plan for this week before we go on vacay.  Tomorrow for breakfast I’ll have leftover swoodles and eggs, chicken salad for second breakfast and the last hamburger for lunch with leftover kale and broccoli.  I’m going to ask R to make ham soup in the slow cooker so we can be done with all the damn Christmas ham.  More soup!  I’m going to ask him to make more soup because I am sure he will finish the carrot soup tomorrow.  And it’s still so wet and miserable outside, the only solution is more soup.

I’ve been throwing together this really simple chicken salad lately for lunch and breakfast.    I use leftover chicken, grapes, celery, almond slivers, and mayo, and wrap it up with some butter lettuce and it is SO TASTY.  Reminds me of my days of getting Ukrop’s chicken salad and croissants.  Minus the croissants because butter lettuce is really not a replacement for pastry.  It’s just something easy to throw together for lunch or a breakfast with protein.


This was my range of emotions at getting my biscuit cutters in the mail.  Now I can make egg patties and make this!  We are SO PREPARED to do a round of Whole 30.  I think I’m actually doing ok without eating bread, the main thing I’m going to miss is my dairy.  Cream and cheese man.  And I got tired of coconut milk being in every “creamy Whole 30” recipe.  Our first day of Whole 30 I made “mac and cheese” with cauliflower and a “cheese sauce” with coconut milk and squash.  Spoiler: it didn’t taste like mac and cheese.  Pinterest has a lot of recipes or ideas for Whole 30, but some of the people’s blogs I stumbled upon that were like I totally can fool the kids into eating this and they love it!  Are full of crap.  That’s why I love Nom Nom Paleo because her recipes are actually good and normal people would eat them.

Ok, time to prep my kitchen for the cooking that’s going down!  later internet!


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