I suck at eating leftovers.  I’ve already alluded to this in the entry about scalloped potatoes.  And…we still have ham.  Lots of ham.  I should really be looking for some recipes with ham.  Ham casserole.  Ham enchiladas.  Whole 30 Ham disappearance.

Instead I’m thinking about making swoodles again for dinner with chicken and kale or something.

I’ll pull the curtain back for you guys on what’s in our fridge leftover wise. Ham, Christmas bacalhau and bacalhau for pasteis, butternut squash apple soup, hamburgers, and thai noodles.  So what did I have for lunch?  Hamburger.  What should I have for dinner?  Probably some other leftover.

I don’t know what my issue is.  I’ll eat leftovers at work for lunch, sometimes I’ll make leftovers into other meals and it’s delicious.  But, as R will attest, most of the time I won’t eat any leftovers.  In Whole 30, they suggest making a breakfast casserole with eggs and veggies and reheating slices of it every morning for breakfast.  I knew that that would never work for me because I don’t like reheated eggs.  So I set my alarm earlier in the morning so I could get up and cook eggs fresh in the morning, and take my time to eat them.  That was my breakfast fix.  How can I find a good leftover fix?  tumblr_mwyfa9d9ex1sq540vo1_500

Some of the fix would probably be to get creative, or to make something that can easily be incorporated into other dishes.  Like I have made use of pesto for days in a row before….  I think tonight for dinner I’m just going to do something easy like finish the soup and cook up some chicken or something.  The fix is probably, Alice…be less picky.  But I’m not at that point yet!

I’ll let you guys know how this turns out 🙂


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