my mature palate

Was craving burgers and fries.  SO I MADE IT!  Mostly compliant!  Hahaha.

Here is the song I’ve been listening to on loop for the last couple days.  It has such a great 80s sax hook, I can’t get it out of my head.

Anyway, tonight I made burgers and sweet potato fries.  I used to not be a huge fan of sweet potato fries, or sweet potatoes for that matter.  But on Whole 30 they are literally the easiest thing and taste so great without tasting healthy…it’s kind of a win win. Here is a great recipe for easy/delish fries.  Tonight I just cut up some sweet potatoes, rolled them in a little olive oil and ate them UP with fry sauce.

What’s fry sauce?  Um only the most amazing condiment/best thing Utah has going for it.  Ok, it’s just ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together.

The burger I topped with tomato, avocado, grilled onions, and cheese, and wrapped in butter lettuce.  So cheese was, as it almost always is, my weakness.  I’m really going to miss cheese when we start Whole 30 again.  And drinking.

Look at all that fry sauce.

I also started soaking some almonds for another batch of milk for tomorrow!

For work I did a health assessment as part of their wellness incentive program and the questions about nutrition kinda cracked me up because of course I got dinged for not eating a lot of whole grains or legumes, and I’m like I put veggies and protein as my top foods and you’re worried because I’m not eating as much granola or bread?  Oh well.  It’s funny I thought eating Paleo was so dumb before we did Whole 30 and I really like it now.  I like having to be more creative and thinking more about what will be good to cook/eat.  I waste less veggies from the fridge because we gotta eat ’em!

We’re better prepared for Whole 30 this go round too because we have more Whole 30 compliant things in the house, like our mayo.  It makes such a big difference to not have to make that, and even though the website says homemade is the best, this store bought tastes awesome.  Here is me and bae-o having a sensuous moment.img_2079

I highly recommend Tessemae’s to anyone who is thinking about Paleo or Whole 30.  They have all sorts of dressings/condiments to liven up any meal.  We have their ketchup, mayo, and ranch.  Even though the ranch doesn’t really taste like ranch.  Bc I’m white trash and I know what ranch should taste like, and it’s not some hippie coconut bullshit.  …But their other stuff tastes great!  Seriously.  The mayo is a game changer.  Next Whole 30 we’re just going to eat burgers and fries for every meal.


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