waiting for my nut bag

I got my Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook today!  And the glass bottle I ordered from amazon to store my homemade almond milk!  When I make it.  Once my nut bag comes.  🙂

The fun thing about trying Paleo/Whole 30 is that I get to try all these new recipes and feel good about eating them because I know it’s just real food.  Also, a lot of the recipes are super tasty and don’t require that much prep or fancy ingredients.  Tonight I made sweet potato “noodles” and baked them with carrots and onions and then topped them with bacon.  UM.  YUM.  Cooked up some kale in the bacon fat as a side and called it a day.  Unfortunately I did not document it, but I can tell you that my belly is very happy.  Here is the sweet potato noodle recipe.  Will I ever cook a recipe from somewhere else??  Of course I will, this is just my kick right now and it’s so delicious!

So now I’m just winding down for bed since I work early in the morning tomorrow and dreaming of my leftovers with a fried egg on top.  “Winding down” for me means watching Gilmore Girls in bed with a cup of tea, and eventually just turning over and passing out.  And to answer your question yes I am an 80 year old woman.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share what I ate today haha and say Hi.  Maybe I will write more over the weekend, tomorrow I was thinking I’d make some zoodles with pesto.img_1809

This is me as a chameleon.




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