I’m back!

Hi.  There is a lot of customizing associated with blog writing that I forgot about.  Starting to write again seemed like a pretty involved undertaking in itself, but then you have to pick which picture you want as the cover photo!  Too much.

Anyway, now I’m here.  At the part that feels most comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.  The part where I am typing thoughts to be sent off  into the abyss of the internet for lord knows what reason.  Probably because I’m a millennial.  And we’re share-ers.

I found my old livejournal from high school today because the internet lives forever!  And reading entries from 10 years ago was supposed to be a great idea.  Maybe it was a great idea because I have definitely been glossing over bad memories to make myself think that I had no worries 10 years ago, or they were dumb kid worries, or I must’ve eaten ice cream every day when I was 17.  But reading those entries back forced me to remember that there were times when I was a little shit bc well, high school, along with the good times of dumb kid worries and being a huge unapologetic nerd.

So.  I read some old blog entries and decided that I want to start writing again.  It is winter, arguably the worst season of the year, and since it feels like 10 PM even though it is really 5, I’m going to write my way out of this seasonal depression.  She says quietly to her computer, sitting in a dark room in silence.

This is what people want to read, right?  They want to know about other people and their personal lives.  Right?  This is just one really long prologue to the entry I’m actually going to write.  Get ready.

We have tons of leftover ham.  Ham that R(my boyfriend) claims I will not finish.  I’m terrible at leftovers, always have been, possibly always will be.  Tonight I am supposed to be cooking scalloped potatoes with ham, to use up some of said ham.  And yet…I started writing this.  Scalloped potatoes is one of my mom’s best recipes.  Somehow over the years, it has just gotten cheesier and creamier and more delicious with each incarnation.  I made it when R and I first started dating to try to impress him and also to impress upon him my strong Irish background.  I also tried to cook a whole chicken, which quite frankly may have been way too forward at the time.  But I think the potatoes turned out pretty well.

Alright, I started cooking so that I’m not staying up until midnight making dinner.  The potatoes are tucked safely in the oven, cooking away.  My soundtrack while cooking was basically “Boy Problems” by Carly Rae Jepsen on repeat.  Just as it should be.  Here’s the recipe, straight from the Betty Crocker Cookbook:


I made the creamy recipe and added ham, and shredded some white cheddar on top.


Annnd I tried to document step by step as best as I could, but the cream sauce kinda confounded that because I had to watch it and stop screwing around with the camera haha.

The potatoes were delicious.  I’m finishing this entry a day later, and they are already all gone.  So I did it Mom!  I cooked your famous potatoes, and it was easier than I remembered so I can make them again soon.


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