WOW.  ok so R and I tried the Whole 30 diet recently.  Which you are supposed to do for 30 consecutive days, but I broke down after two weeks because I was like I need cream and sugar in my coffee.  And we were kinda doing it during the week, until my friend came to stay with us annnnnd at least for me everything has gone out the window.

But!  We are going to try again in January and I’m kinda excited about it because I found a blog with all these great looking recipes that are Paleo/Whole 30.  And I’m saying great-looking because I haven’t actually cooked any of them yet.


Holy crap.  I tried Nom Nom Paleo’s Cracklin’ Chicken.  It is totally Whole 30 approved and it is so freaking delicious I can’t even.  It took me a little bit of time because the recipe calls for chicken thighs with skin and bone, and then you cut out the bone, but once the bone is out it’s SUPER EASY and so tasty.  And I just cooked up some broccoli as a side and…had a drink.  Not Whole 30.  Oops. I kinda forgot about that part.

I also found where I can get Whole 30 Bacon today!  Sprouts!  It ended up having some other great things like substitute soy sauce and chocolate almond milk without added sugar.  I think this go-round with Whole 30 we will be much better prepared.  Especially armed with bacon now, hahaha.

I think that’s all I have for now, I really just wanted to share how amazing the chicken was.  Good night internet!



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