So. Over it.  Hahaha.  They say it takes twenty days for something to become a habit.  Maybe that’s true, also it takes twenty days to be so completely over it.  R and I are going to have some freaking Portuguese breakfast when we’re done.  You know what that means? MIXTA!  I think that’s how it’s spelled, I know how to say it.  It is a warm ham and cheese sandwich with butter on fresh Portuguese bread (pao).  The kinda bread that is only good for one day, and after that it’s hard as a rock.  So great bread.  And along with mixta is a portuguese latte.  Ahhh.  Thursday.

So what have we been eating?  Whole lotta leftovers.  The original name of Whole 30, but got workshopped out.  Who would sign up for this diet knowing you would have to eat what is everyone’s least favorite, leftovers?  Worse than vegetables themselves…LEFTOVER vegetables.

Anyway, this week, more chicken nuggets, some red curry chicken, beef stew, the last of the pulled pork, cashew hummus and carrots, and of course eggies.  And we maybe have had some “ice cream” aka coconut cream and frozen bananas and strawberries.  YUM.  Tonight I’m pretty sure I’m going to cook a burger and some fries because I am not in the mood for something complicated.  Just a couple more meals Alice!  Ugh.

Whole 30 you suck, we are almost done.


Day 20

Only 10 more days!  Ten more.  I think chicken nuggets might be the food that’s getting me through right now.  We make a big old batch, and they taste awesome as leftovers for lunch or breakfast, or easy dinner when I get home from work.  Winner winner, chicken dinner.  Today is meal-planning day, and I am almost positive they will end up on our list for this week.  What else should end up on the list?  Not thai zoodles, not this week haha. They taste great still, but I’m tired of making them.

This morning R got up before me and started some slow cooker beef stew and the coffee.  He is the best boyfriend in ze world.  I would have quit long ago if not for him.

So right now in the fridge we have: pulled pork, various veggies, some fruit, and prosciutto and bacon.  For lunch we made pork lettuce wraps, which totally hit the spot.  And tonight we will have some beef stew, and then will have leftovers tomorrow.  But the rest of the week…?

Maybe we will make some curry this week.  The last couple days we’ve just been rocking out leftovers, which has been great.  We just need to make it ten more days.


I’m going to go ruminate on some recipes…

Day Sixteen!

Aka I make cashew hummus and eat all of it before I can share with anyone.

Holy Cow Cashew Hummus

Just kidding, I shared it!  I made a double batch for me/R and S.  Two mason jars full for S haha.

And S came over tonight for Bachelor, of course.  She helped me make the Thai Nutty Zoodles and helped me dare I say PERFECT the nut sauce!  Instead of sriracha this time, I put in a thai chile pepper and a couple drops of fish sauce.  It was SO GOOD.  Like S and I fighting over licking the spoon, good.  And I spiralized 15 zucchini, so um we got leftovers for days.  Or day.  Because this recipe is so awesome.

The best news is, the kitchen is mostly clean, our lunches are packed for work tomorrow, and R is going to cook me some chicken nuggets 🙂  Life is good.

LOL!!! :)



We have now made it further than ever before!

And two weeks in, I must say…I miss drinking.  Yesterday R and I avoided Super Bowl partying so that we wouldn’t be tempted by all the beer and delicious dips that go along with football parties.  We did not however, avoid the WINGS that go along with football partying.  I used Tessamae’s Buffalo sauce and Valentina Hot Sauce because YEAH the buffalo sauce was not as spicy as it should be.  The wings were pretty good, and then S came over and cooked some delicious green curry!  Because her jam on this diet has been curries, slash I think she always likes curries.  I can’t wait until we can all go chow down on some Indian food and have Naan, only 16 more days!

Here’s what my spaghetti squash and meat sauce looked like!

Green curry S made!

Tonight I am making tacos!  It’s Taco Monday!  I made a huge grocery trip and I think I have everything needed for the week (god I hope so).  I stocked up on fruits and nuts for snacks and got tons of veggies!  I’m making Thai Nutty Zoodles again this week and I wanted to have enough zucchini so I got like 10 I think.

The past couple days I have thought about cravings and wanting to quit.  But I think we are over the hump.  I have food and snacks for the rest of the week, and treats even though treats are supposed to be off limits.  And by treats I mean, I froze some bananas to make “ice cream” sometime this week.  I know!  I know Whole 30 police, that is explicitly “against the spirit of Whole 30” or what THEY like to call “sex with your pants on.”  However, I think blending some bananas and coconut milk is not the worst thing I could eat.  It will just be a little treat and won’t trigger a sugar binge.

I’m not sure how R and I will eat when we’re done with Whole 30.  Overall,  I feel better, but it is more expensive and time-consuming to eat this way.  Nutritionists would tell me to think of it as an investment in my future and less expensive and time-consuming than health problems caused by poor-eating habits and my resistance to going to the gym.  We’ll just have to work out what is best!

R is going to make slow cooker pulled pork tomorrow!  I think it’s been my favorite recipe this Whole 30.  Goodnight internet


Sorry for the lost days guys.  Work and life got in the way of blogging.  No worries, I haven’t tried any new recipes until…today!

I just got home from work, cut open a spaghetti squash and put it in the microwave.  I browned some ground beef in a saucepan in bacon grease, and put in a jar of spaghetti sauce from Trader Joe’s.  This is going to be my dinner, and it smells pretty good, I hope it ends up that way!  Even if it doesn’t, I’m tired and hungry so it will do.

So we are coming up on the days that R and I quit Whole 30 the first time, and I am starting to get a little burnout.  Not really from the food because when I eat it, it’s great, I don’t feel like I’m missing out.  But like at work, if I don’t have plenty of food I feel crabby that I can’t get a snack from the cafeteria.  Eating out Whole 30/Paleo is hard.  Despite all the work behind it, I truly feel better.  I’m not eating tums like candy and I have more energy, slash more…clarity?  I don’t know if that really makes sense.

Squash tasted alright!  I don’t know why I make all this “pasta” when I don’t even really like pasta.  Or I love pasta, but it’s all the cheese-filled pastas.

Anyway, still Whole 30-ing.  And I promise I will blog more next week!


Or Alice wants a freaking drink.

Took my car in today, and waited…for hours.  I knew I would have to wait, so I brought lunch and snacks and a book and my headphones and I walked to a nearby park and I did all the patient people things.  But it still sucked and kinda pissed me off.  So when I got home, I really wanted to pop open a bottle of wine or crack a beer.  But I didn’t.  Instead I had some warm apple cider, and proceeded to veg out on the boob tube.  Which I guess is what healthier people than me might do.  While being adult definitely has it perks, and you know, I’m thankful I have a car, sometimes it’s just not fun.  Drinking and eating my feelings are two of my coping mechanisms, and neither are Whole 30, so.


Eggs, Bacon, sweet potato


leftover thai nutty zoodles, that still tasted great, esp cold.  Apple and some plantain chips


Pulled pork hot from the slow cooker, coleslaw S made, sweet potato fries

S came over for our Bachelor night, which helped with coping.  It really is so helpful that she and R are doing Whole 30 with me.  I was like I want pink wine for girls night, and S was like no you don’t, we’re Whole 30 robots.

Robot GIF - Robot Dance RobotDance GIFs

This is who I am now.  Good night internet.


One week.  DONE!  We made it!  It wasn’t as hard as the first time!  Whew.  And now for 23 more days…


I don’t know why Napoleon Dynamite is becoming the mascot of my blog, buuuut he is.  It’s too late.

So yesterday, R and I went to In and Out Burger and had our lunch “protein style” so no bun.  And we brought our own condiments.

That was my first time at In and Out NOT getting a double double animal style, so I wasn’t even sure how to order.  Can I have a double double but no cheese protein style, and no sauce?  Still tasted good and was definitely improved by some of S’ homemade mayo.  And of course we made fry sauce.

Then for dinner R cooked pork chops, little potatoes, green beans and carrots.  It was all good, except we…completely forgot the carrots were in the oven so we burned them to a crisp.  We were like why does it still smell sweet, but burnt?  hahaha.

Oh here’s what my egg pancake looked like the other day.


Today wasn’t a great day for eating.  We had eggs and bacon for breakfast and then R took leftovers to work, and I went to the dentist.  My mouth hurt and was numb afterwards, so I didn’t really eat lunch, I just kinda gummed a banana and ran some errands.

When I got home I started prepping for Thai Nutty Zoodles that I made before, but this time totally Whole 30.  I spiralized the zucchini, then laid it out with paper towels, trying to sop up some of the moisture so the zoodles wouldn’t end up so mushy and watery. Then I got to work making some homemade Sriracha.  The recipe calls for red jalepenos, but they were more expensive at the store so I just got a bunch of green.  Since I was cutting peppers with gloves and trying not to get any juice anywhere…I didn’t take any pictures of the process.  In addition to not wanting to touch anything, making green sriracha looks gross.  It’s not the nice brilliant red, it’s a gross kinda greenish brown bc I mixed the peppers with tomato paste.  Here’s where I got the recipe.  Nom nom of course.  This is my fan blog for her haha.  Anyway, I made the sriracha, and then I got to work making the nut sauce for my zoodles.  The changes I made to my recipe were almond butter instead of peanut butter, Whole 30 friendly soy sauce, dates instead of honey, and homemade non-appetizing-looking sriracha.  And yum!  Not quite the kick it usually has, but still good.

Oh and this time for more protein in it, I got a rotisserie chicken from Sprouts that was unseasoned, so Whole 30!  Tore that apart and threw it in my noodles, way more simple.  I will say with Whole 30, if there are any possible short cuts, take them.  It gets old having to cook every single protein or make every single sauce.  That’s why I’ve been going to Whole Foods/Trader Joes/Sprouts because they have the goods so I don’t have to make every thing.  Also they have bacon that’s Whole 30 which is really important to me.  The checkout lady at Sprouts noticed I was buying two packs of bacon and she was like Oh you like your bacon girl, just like my daughter.  And while this isn’t untrue, I’m also doing two recipes this week where I need a whole pack so…yeah I guess I can be bacon girl.  Coming up this week, pulled pork and more swoodles!  So, there ya go.

I also bought a spaghetti squash yesterday so we’re going to try that this week and be super trendy.  Because who hasn’t eaten that on a diet?

Good night and good luck internet.

Day Six

What happened to day five Alice?  Where’s day five???

WELL.  Here’s what I ate yesterday.


I saved some sweet potato fries and warmed them back up in a little pan and then cracked two eggs on them, making a kinda pancake/frittata.  Then I fried up some prosciutto, put it on top of said pancake with guacamole and salsa and ate the shit out of it.  It was super hearty and tasty.  I didn’t really intend for it to end up being a savory pancake, but that’s pretty much the closest thing I can liken it to.  Tasty 🙂


leftover turkey burger with all the fixings and snap peas and an apple

THEN by some sort of miracle, I got off work early!  So I went to my book club at a reasonable time!  And book club ladies had cooked a delicious Whole 30 dinner!  All the exclamation points!

R’s sister, S is doing Whole 30 along with us, which is great because well it’s easier eating with people doing the same diet and she is a great cook so I can eat someone else’s cooking besides mine!  That was seriously the greatest thing about book club was we had this delicious dinner and I didn’t have to plan, cook, shop, clean, anything!  Just eat!


Curry Chicken, I will have to get the recipe.  I think it was curry paste, coconut milk, almond butter, annnnd I’m sure some other stuff, but it was awesome, we were all secretly trying to lick the sauce off the plate.

Green Beans and Eggplant in a pickled garlic sauce?  S went shopping at an Indian grocery and got all these interesting jars of different cooking pastes/sauces that were all Whole 30.  The jar just said Garlic Pickle, but it was like a spicy chile garlic sauce.  Yum.

And then we had fried plantain with cinnamon for dessert!  Which tasted kinda like cinnamon bread.

So that’s what happened Day 5.

Today! I fried up some bacon and a pepper/onion omelette from the leftover veggies from burger night.  The best thing about where we live is our neighbors chickens because we get hella eggs from them.  I think if I was doing Whole 30 and had to buy eggs from the store I would be getting like 4 dozen a week.

The not best thing about our neighbors chickens is Fluffy the rooster because despite being cute and fluffy, he’s a rooster.  But I guess I should cut him some slack because now it’s his year.  Happy year of the rooster!  Plz stop crowing so early in the morning.

Now R and I are going to go for a drive and spend some qt, so have a great Sunday internet!



I made turkey burgers!  This afternoon, I was super craving summer food.  Soups and stews are maybe getting a little old for me, along with the “cold” weather.  So I made turkey burgers with sweet potato fries (again with the sweet potato fries, when will I get sick of them?) and bell peppers.

I used the non-orange flesh sweet potatoes this go round and they were great!  Less sugary sweet and more fry-like.  How many pictures should I post of me eating fries.  Am I terrible at Whole 30?  Haha oh well, I’m trying.

For turkey burgers I usually use this recipe.  But since it isn’t Whole 30, I just diced some onions, added a little lime juice, some of my ketchup and a tablespoon of coconut flour to try to bind it together.  This turned out ok, but I cooked it a little bit too long so it still dried out a bit.  The hardest thing about cooking turkey burgers is getting them to be moist enough but also stay together.  These stayed together well enough and fit the bill for my summer tastebuds.

Messier than a bun, but still tasty!  It’s funny when I’m at home, I’m really not having a hard time eating like this.  Of course when I’m at the store, smelling all the different treats, it’s harder to be like I don’t need bread.  I would say my top craving is cheese though.  It was part of why I decided to make a turkey burger instead of a regular because it doesn’t taste as great with cheese.

The bell peppers I just sautéed with olive oil, salt and garlic pepper and they tasted amazing.  I think they will go into my breakfast wrap tomorrow.

Now I must go to sleep.



sorry.  Sorry!  It’s really hard for me to want to do anything after work.  Meet up with friends?  Pass.  Cook dinner?  Pass.  Write a blog entry? Pass.  Drive thru Taco Bell?  Hell yes.

Except now we’re doing Whole 30, so no TB.

Yesterday was totally leftover day. I had swoodles and eggs for breakfast, almonds and grapes for second breakfast, bomb-ass chicken nuggets and broccoli for lunch, and beef stew for dinner.  I had thought that I would try to make cauliflower “fauxtatoes” after work to go with the beef stew, but I didn’t want to stand any more or make any kind of mess in the kitchen.  So I ate my beef stew and fell asleep on the couch watching TV until R got home.  Classic.

Today I’m going back to the store, which I feel like I do every day I’m off.  But since we haven’t gone out to eat at all, I guess that makes sense that we’re eating all the food we have!

This morning I made breakfast sammies again with prosciutto and guac.  They tasted great! and were much faster making them this time.  R and I were still hungry though, lazing around watching Stranger Things, so we reheated the last of the swoodles in the microwave and BOOM they still taste awesome reheated.

R took beef stew to work for lunch, and that is likely what I will have as well.  For dinner…?  I’m not sure yet.  On our VERY OFFICIAL CANNOT BE BROKEN food schedule for the week I wrote zoodles and pesto.  But today I’m not sure I really want the zoodles.  Honestly, I really want burgers and fries and to eat more of my ketchup.  And I could use leftover fries for the breakfast burrito I’m dreaming of making before work tomorrow.  And by burrito I just mean, I was going to make like an egg wrap and put some delicious meat, fries, guac and salsa in it.  YES?  I think so.  Zoodles can wait.  Until R is here bc he is the spiral master, and I am an amateur spiral-er.  Can one person totally overload on sweet potatoes?  Since I’ve been eating them almost every day since we tried Whole 30 the first time, I’m here to tell you…no.  I’m still super digging anything we have with sweet potatoes.

Speaking of sweet potatoes, Nom Nom Paleo has this dip that she has been loving on that I want to try, but currently am not feeling the motivation to make.  I do love to cook, and it’s been fine so far just having leftovers and not going out to eat.  But this is one of those things where right now, I wish I could just buy it in the store and not soak cashews and roast sweet potatoes to make it.  So maybe next week delicious sweet potato cashew dip!  I already made a dip this week and I’m set!

Off to the store I goooooo.